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Fibre Distance Limits

The table below shows the distance limits for various network types over different fibres.

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62.5µm Multimode 50µm Multimode 9µm Single Mode
10BASEFL 2Km 5Km
100BASEFX 412m (hdx)/2Km (fdx) 15Km
Gigabit Ethernet with SX GBIC 220m/275m 500m/550m (n/a)
Gigabit Ethernet with LX GBIC 550m 550m 5Km
Gigabit Ethernet with ZX GBIC (n/a) 50-100Km
10Gb Ethernet (802.3ae) LX4 300m 240m/300m (n/a)
10Gb Ethernet (802.3aq-2006, Amendment 2) LRM 220m 240m/300m (n/a)
10Gb Ethernet (802.3ae) SR 26m/33m 66m/82m/300m (n/a)
10Gb Ethernet (802.3ae) LR (n/a) 10Km
10Gb Ethernet (802.3ae) ER (n/a) 40Km
ATM OC3c (155Mb/s) 2Km 15Km
ATM OC3c Extended Reach (n/a) 30Km
ATM OC3c Long Reach (n/a) 40Km
ATM OC12c (622Mb/s) 500m 15Km
ATM OC12c Long Reach (n/a) 40Km
ATM OC48c Intermediate Reach (2448Mb/s) (n/a) 15Km
ATM OC48c Long Reach (n/a) 80Km

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